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So what is a “Celestial Pick”? Each week, Celestial Attic rummages through the weekend’s entertainment offerings and selects one to be the week’s best bet for the Cleveland geek. We collect Clevelands geeky happenings into one Google Calendar you can subscribe to and then sort, sort, sort to find you the week’s best ticket. A Celestial Pick is our recommended geekiest thing going this weekend.

Think we are wrong? Have a better pick? Do you know of a geeky shop. festival, convention or club we simply MUST write about? Let us know at: geekweek@celestialattic.com


This blog is a highly nerdy artifact of the Cleveland geek scene. Regular posts will give you your best geeky bet in Cleveland each weekend. Additional interviews will profile notable geeky voices in Cleveland’s arts and sciences. Additionally,  Celestial Attic sells various geeky sundries at regional science fiction and comic cons. From time to time, you’ll see an item for sale here from our stock.

For more on Sandy Clark, look here:


The Floor in 1970

The name comes from an early description of San Francisco’s Exploratorium as a “celestial attic.” The museum evolved into a collection of experiences that made science accessible. The museum evolved into a preeminent institution for science-education training and exporter of its museum experiences to other institutions. It is likely you have seen their work in your local science center, science, natural history, or children’s museum.


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The Best of Cleveland's Geeky Offerings – 願原力與你同在

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