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Straight outta SDCC… Doctor Who!


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There were several Thirteenth Doctor reveals at San Diego Comic Con, including this panel introduction.

The highlight reel was an even bigger draw of course, giving us a glimpse of the series’ direction and aesthetic with Jodie Whittaker in the role.

Here is the Doctor Who panel in two parts:

Of course, there are toys to discover as well. Kyle Anderson at Nerdist has the scoop on all the new Thirteenth Doctor merchandise announced in San Diego.


Straight outta SDCC… DC Comics!

With all the big San Diego Comic Con announcements, I thought I’d share the best of them in a few posts this week.

You can’t get SDCC without DC, So what’s up at DC / Warner? It looks like they are releasing a live-action Teen Titans tv series in the dark, grim, and gritty mold of the Batman films or the TV series Gotham. The series Titans is set to debut on DC’s $75 a year streaming service. They reversed course from the animated series’ light and happy model for some real darkness. Look for it in the latter half of 2018.

Over at Warner Brothers, DC has steered the venerable Shazam comic book in the exact opposite direction. The cinematic Shazam ripples with silliness and a light-hearted air only seen in DC’s animated features, though not even all of those. Shazam is scheduled for release April 5, 2019.



Dr. Who and the Muppets!

OK Muppet fans. Here is your chance to see every Doctor as a Muppet! Is it cosplay when a Muppet dresses up?

For three shows, “The Muppets Take the O2” at London’s O2 featured a darling crossover with David Tennant and the Muppets! The video follows in two parts:

Part 2:

And Kermit got a little time with Kylie Minogue: